Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ode to a higer power

Written on a slow afternoon just before Saturday:
Ode to the Higher Power

Oh please Higher Power of all things big and small
I have a special request regarding a certain game of college football
On this Saturday, this upcoming Saturday
... A rivalry game will be played
Not cross town, nor inner state
It’s a rivalry that is far too great
It began in 1926 and,
some say,
it may even be the greatest intersectional rivalry of them all

You see, Higher Power, The University of Southern California’s Trojans are traveling to South Bend this week

and …. we …. NEED …. a win

A Jeweled Shillelagh is the winner’s prize
But the real gain is pride

Oh please Higher Power … please
If not for USC then do it for me
I can’t tell you why
at least not in public
and maybe not at all
but I need this win to make certain things right
it could change the past … at last!

Oh please Higher Power, give Barkley consistency
His pass completion ratio must change
He needs to be good enough to win big games
And this could be the biggest
And after last year’s loss
And UCLA coming up in a few weeks
And the Bowl suspension over soon
He needs this double U too

Thank You!

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