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there was a time when i considered law school ...

there was a time when i considered law school ...

by Julie Silber on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 6:04pm

Hi Fred,

I appreciate your apologies. However, I believe your recollection of the accident is far from what happened. I understand that I was not there, but I do have input from 5 people who were. Indeed, 4 of those involved were teenagers ... teenagers with exceptional attention to details and memories despite being shook-up. I also understand that your memory and that of your passengers may have been impaired at the time. Here are the details:

1) There are no Stop signs on Sunset Blvd. from PCH to downtown Los Angeles, including the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Bel Air Rd./So. Beverly Glen Blvd. where the accident occurred. That's a fact. The light was red. No one takes turns at a red light.

Here's a google maps link:

2) Lin F+++r was first in line at the light (I gave him your number and he's going to call you). My daughter was second. You came-up third.

3) After the accident, you all pulled over to the right shoulder on Sunset Blvd. across the Bel Air Rd./So. Beverly Glen Blvd. intersection going west bound on Sunset Blvd. There was no need to wave on traffic and no one did.

4) The photos taken by the passengers in my car show the damage to your friend's car. The extent of damage to your friend's car could not have happened only going 3-4 miles per hour and a physics equation could easily show that.

5) As far as the damage to my car is concerned, you may be an expert at assessing car damage, especially at 1:30ish AM on a poorly lit street, with impaired judgment - I am not and that's why I took the car to the body shop recommended to me by the Honda dealer where I just bough the car. He pointed out to me in daylight the damage to the back of the car as well as showed me that the front bumper is buckled just behind the license plate holder, where it hit the tow thing on the back of Lin's Yukon. You have all his information. Feel free to give him a call.

You should have called the cops, made an accident report and exchanged the proper information. I have no problem with doing all that now. My ex-sister-in-law is an LAPD officer with the valley traffic division and I'm sure she can point us in the right direction as it seems that was not done early Saturday morning ... at your insistence.

One last thing, I have not asked you to cover the cost of a rental car while my car is getting fixed, which your insurance would cover. I may not need one, but if I do, I think that would be only fair.

Do the right thing. Next time you may not be so lucky as to convince a teenager not to call the police.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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