Friday, February 27, 2009

But, but ... I love(d) to ride!

I've developed an aversion to riding my bike. This saddens me to no end. I never thought this could be. I am mad at my bike. I'm tired of getting hurt. Twice this year I've fallen from my saddle: once last month because of some idiot who backed into me and the other ... last week in the living room (yes ... its still funny). Two years ago I had to ditch my bike because one of my breaks failed (after I had had them worked on) and I didn't want to crash into the peleton I was riding with. Fractured three ribs. They still hurt sometimes after a hard swim or yoga class.

Everyone knows .... I loved my bike ... LOOOOOOOOOVVVED it. Loved. Past tense? Is the relationship over? Have I been hurt one too many times to forgive and ride?

I've been eying a Cervelo P3. Wow is that bike beautiful. I had a Cervelo One. You know, the first Time Trial bike Cervelo made. It was a low budget gem. That bike was sooooo fast. I nicknamed it "The Rocket". We spent a year together riding very very fast. And then it started to fall apart. Cervelo didn't make it to last. And it didn't. Things were falling off it every mile or so. It began to flat on every ride with no explanation. The chain fell off constantly ... even after I bought not one, but two new ones.

My Litespeed road bike was still there waiting for me once the Cervelo was sold.

I've had my Litespeed for 8 years. I fell in love with it during the test ride. I thought I'd never have to buy another road bike again. I've upgraded the components and wheels. But I have never done an Ironman on it ... I rode The Rocket last time up in Canada. 2 flats too. Bu tyou already know about that.

Can I make it work? The Litespeed, I mean? I bought a new seat and seat post after the crash last week. They seem just fine. My aerobars need fixing. The chain needs a bit of oil. As much as I'd like to buy the P3, spending that kind of money right now seems needlessly decadent in a time when frugality is the acceptable trend.

I hope tomorrow's ride brings back my love of my bike ... my love to ride.

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