Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The weather is playing mid games

A week ago, it was 80 degrees. Last weekend it rained and hailed and flooded. This morning when I got up to go swim it was 37. I opted not to swim. The pool at Santa Monica College is outdoors and although it is heated to a balmy 82 degrees, it have been my experience that somehow, someway the cold still gets deep into my bones and I can shiver for days. No kidding.

When I was a teenager, the cold never bothered me. I had a balcony off my room and I kept the doors open year round. Even when it rained; I love weather. My parents called my room “the meat locker” and would rarely set foot into it (hehehehehehe).

When my daughter was born, she took with her my inner heating element and I’ve been cold ever since.

As long as I can keep my body warm, as in last Friday when we watched my daughter’s boyfriend’s last high school soccer home game in the freezing rain, I’m ok. But after swimming in the pre-dawn, just above freezing weather, I’m never warm. Go figure. I may have finally admit it … I’m a cold wimp … and find an indoor pool. I can’t skip workouts this week and it looks like the 80 degree weather won't be back for sometime.

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