Thursday, February 19, 2009

so ... i crashed my bike yesterday

in the living room. Yes ... go ahead and laugh. I'm sure it looked hysterical. scared the be-jesus out of my daughter, Gabriela and her boyfriend, Orhan who we in the other room both icing their backs (G hurt herself in the weight room at school and O is just a battered HS soccer player - they won 1st round of CIF's yesterday, BTW). I'm sure it sounded horrifically spectacular.

Here's what happened: my seat post broke in a way to flip my seat back, thus, I slide backwards taking my bike with me flipping it 180 degrees over me ... i only went about 90 degrees onto my back after hitting and sliding ... down my Chinese bamboo cabinet (its ok, phew!). In the process, my handle bars batted a glass vase, sending it shattering into the wall behind me and my front wheel knocked the tv off kilter ... luckily not all the way off.

How totally absurd and yes, comical. I wish I had a camera going! I'll be fine. Will know more in a day or two ... you know how injuries can get a bit worse before they get better. I am sore in weird places and have some interesting bruises - but nothing like hitting the pavement. I do have two large cuts one in the crease behind my left knee and the other on my inner thigh and cannot figure out how that happened; CSI has yet to investigate :)

Guess I'll be shopping instead of riding this weekend. I like shopping for bike stuff. Need to get a camera too!

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