Monday, February 2, 2009

Sat and Sun

Sat 01/31/09

Slept in
Breakfast at Patrick's Roadhouse at the beach
Worked on tax stuff
Ran errands
Saw a guy riding a scooter with his Trek bike strapped to the back - it was awesome!
Hot Bath
Stretched some more
Ran 5 miles at 4:30 PM:
felt strong and had good energy
back/sciatica bothering me
best run in years
beautiful sunset
Sushi for dinner
Worked on writing training programs for clients while listening to a horror film that my daughter and her boyfriend were watching in the next room. It sounded scary!!
Asleep by mid-night

Sun - 02/02/09
Up early
Worked on bike to prep for ride
Road with Anne, Adam, Christy and Adam's cousin on a B-day ride for Adam. It was Tim's birthday too. So we sang in Tim's honor while he ran in 30 degree weather in Mississippi.
Ride 35 miles at 8am
felt moderately strong, good energy
back/sciatica bothering me
I cut it short (should have been 45 miles) cuz I didn't want to over do it like last week
Homemade French Toast with G, Adam, Anne and Christy
Work a little
Taco birthday party at Tacos Por Favor with a Robot cake and everything!
Hung out with friends the rest of the day.

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